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Arco Metals, Inc. is a family owned business.  Started in the late 1950's, the owners combined their surnames to give the company it's name (hence the name ARCO).  As an entrepreneur the owners saw the need to to make "little widgets" for a local Baltimore Maryland contractor in their basement during the evenings as a way to make a few extra dollars to support a young growing family.  They later expanded to apply conversion coatings to aluminum.  In 1965 the company was incorporated and leased a building at 3546 Old York Road, which was vacated by a local laundry company.  The building was purchased in 1974.

The company is poised to continue to thrive in the future with the  responsibility for future growth to be passed along to the third generation.

ARCO Metals, Inc. is one of those "hidden treasures" tucked away amongst Baltimore's neighborhoods and continues to maintain a strong presence in the local industry, replacing old technology with new, while finding better ways to make products for you.

ARCO Metals, Inc. is determined to produce even higher quality work than ever before. We are not satisfied with our 98% and better over all quality tatings we have received from many of our major customers.

With the addition of several new state of the art machines and an ISO 9001 certified and AS9100 compliant quality system in place, we are ready to rise to near perfection in customer satisfaction and quality. We have many machines proven to give us reliable production. From a 22 ton CNC Strippit punch press to CNC high speed vertical milling machines. We also have the capability of doing many types of aluminum and stainless steel plating in-house. ARCO Metals is a full service sheet metal and machine shop that is capable of producing short runs as well as the larger productions from start to completion.