Arco Metals, INC.

Sheet Metal

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Arco Metals, INC. began as a precision sheet metal shop. From our humble beginnings punching holes in metal with manual kick presses, our processes have evolved to include the use of CNC fiber laser and bending technologies to serve our customers better. Since then, we have been a trusted provider of precision sheet metal fabrication services for many years. With state-of-the-art machinery, coupled with our expert team, we fabricate your parts with incredible accuracy and precision in a timely, professional manner.

Assembled Metal Parts

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Capabilities Include


Our CNC fiber laser provides precise and accurate positioning workpieces to continually ±.003” or better tolerances. The thickness of typical workpieces ranges from .002″ to .250″.

Bending and Forming

With our CNC and manual brakes, we precisely and accurately bend and form workpieces with tolerances ± .005” or better.


Arco Metals, INC. installs many different types of fasteners and hardware, including clinch nuts, standoffs, studs, rivets, nut plates, helical coil thread inserts, etc. Through our approved suppliers, we have access to many special processes and plating and painting vendors, including NADCAP-approved vendors.

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